THEME:- “Safe vehicles to save lives: makes business sense”


As of 2022 statistics, the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) estimates showed Uganda has over 1.5 million vehicles. All these vehicles are mainly imported from Asia because Uganda is not a car manufacturing country. A few are assembled in the country while the majority come when they are in full shape but more than 95 are relatively inexpensive used vehicles.

Not until 2018 when parliament amended the traffic and road safety Act, Uganda had no restrictions on the age of vehicles imported, which was distinct from other countries in the East African region. Thus, Ugandans would import vehicles as old as 15 years posing a risk to owners, and other road users. Other than age restrictions, Uganda has no known vehicle safety standards for both imported ready for use & those assembled or fabricated in the country. 

Some of the noticeable prevalent illegal accessories installed by car owners in Uganda include; Video players, decals, extra lights,sound/ music systems, tint, dashboard covers, steering covers, indicators, bull bars, sirens & sunroofs. All these pose safety risks for occupants and other road users.

The SAVEPU project aims to address the critical issue of road safety by focusing on the role of safe vehicles in reducing accidents and fatalities. By advocating for improved vehicle safety standards, raising awareness among manufacturers and consumers, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, this project seeks to create a safer road environment for all.

Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA) and Chuma Technologies and Innovation Centre Foundation (CHUMATEIC) are jointly implementing the Safe Vehicles Partnership Program Uganda (SAVEPU) a collaborative civil society network committed to cultivating a strong road safety culture among Ugandan businesses and organizations. Our primary goal is to enhance vehicle safety for both vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users during work hours and off-duty periods.

Learn more about Hope for Victims of Road Accidents (HOVITA)

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